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Fuck The Babysitter
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Fuck The Babysitter
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I have to admit that I’ve changed my plans for the night a couple of times when dating a MILF (mom I’d like to fuck) once I caught sight of the babysitter. There was this one chick that I’d been out with a couple of times who was looking for commitment before giving any up. Her babysitter, however, was a certifiable slut who was looking for as much dick as she could get!

I must have taken this chick out a dozen times, and I was always a gentleman, right down to taking the sitter home for her. Of course, the babysitter got home quickly too – but it was my home, and we’d fuck until dawn! The last time I saw the chick I was dating, she was seemed pretty pissed off. I never did figure out if that was because I quit calling her, or she figured out my game of Fuck The Babysitter!

If you are into porn videos you’re going to think you’ve done got to heaven with a membership in Fuck The Babysitter. To start with, there are the fourteen episodes you’ll find on the site, each of which is captured in a video of between fifteen and thirty minutes. I guarantee you’d think about borrowing kids to get a chance to fuck one of the sluts in these movies!

You won’t find a tastier tart than Lexi, who gets a thorough workout from the father of the brats she’s watching. Jessie White is a horny blonde with great tits who gets caught playing with herself, so the couple she’s working for gives her something to fantasize about! Payton is another blonde slut who fucks both the husband and the wife!

You get plenty of options when it comes to getting your movie from Fuck The Babysitter. If you prefer to stream the film into a movie player, you have a choice between high and low speed versions. The full length film has been divided into five clips, and can be downloaded (again with versions specific to your Internet connection). There is also a high quality version of the movie available for downloading.

The fourteen episodes on the site itself isn’t even a significant portion of the content you get as a member. Your ticket into Fuck The Babysitter is called a Wild Porn Pass, and I don’t care what kind of erotica you are into – you’ll find some here. Just for starters, the pass gets you into a total of thirty five other sites!

These sites, each with anywhere from fourteen to over forty movies each, cover nearly every niche of porn on the web. They all feature hot chicks in explicit hardcore action, captured in movies made to the highest standards of the industry. Basically, the sites can be divided into twenty different categories of porn; you’ll find links to the different categories above the site listing on the main page.

If you click on the link for the movie starring Bonnie, who makes up for destroying a porn video by sucking and fucking the owner senseless, you’ll see some links on the bottom of the page. One of them is to the Teen category; the other is called DVD, and in this case lists a title of The Babysitter 14. This is where a Wild Porn Pass subscription gets good!

If you follow the DVD link, you’ll see all the movies on that particular title, most of which are not on the website. If you follow the link to the Teen category, you’ll get a list of all the complete DVDs you have access to. When you keep in mind that there are anywhere from three to seven movies on each title, and there are more than a hundred ten titles in the category, you quickly realize just how much porn is here!

Each of the categories has its own unique collection of DVDs. The total number of movies you get with this membership is mind-boggling; in fact, it’s hard to give you an accurate count of the DVDs listed in these archives, because they add them at a rate of one a day! It’s pretty obvious that you won’t be able to complain about having nothing new to look at!

There is very little to complain about on this site, although because I am a lover of pictures it would be nice if they had included some photo content along with the movies.


If you’re into reality teen porn, a Fuck The Babysitter membership will give you just about as much as you can handle. The movies on the site are full length and professionally done; you’ll be able to view them no matter what your Internet connection speed is. The chicks are as hot, and the content as hardcore, as you’ll find on any other membership site, too.

The movies on the site are just the beginning of what you get with a Wild Porn Pass. With thirty five other sites full of movies, and twenty different categories of erotica full of complete DVDs, you’ve got access to plenty of material to satisfy any appetite you may have. I can’t give a stronger endorsement to the idea of a membership than I do Fuck The Babysitter/Wild Porn Pass!
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Jettis, Paycom
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20+ Video Sets (approx. 20 min. each), 40+ Bonus Sites , Bonus Feeds, 1000's Bonus DVD's
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