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Coeds Need Cash
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Coeds Need Cash
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If you worked your way through school like me, you can remember how hard it was to get together the money needed for tuition, partying, books, partying, rent, partying, food, and let’s not forget partying. There are, of course, lots of financial aid sources out there for struggling students. Coeds Need Cash may be one of the most unique.

The scenario is simple – the roving recruiters for this “financial aid” foundation offer an attractive coed a couple of hundred bucks in exchange for an interview and a couple of hours of fun, all recorded on videotape. If you need proof that lots of college girls have liberated themselves from old-fashioned morals, the speed with which these horny nympos agree to get naked and nasty in front of the camera should provide it.

There are some fine looking sluts in this collection, and they certainly seem to like to get nasty. When I reviewed this website, the most recent aid recipient was a petite, long-haired brunette by the name of Ria Lynn who was lacking some money for books. Now, since I happen to have a fondness for petite, long-haired brunettes, this got my attention.

It doesn’t take long for the nature of the “scholarship” to become clear. Ria does express some reservations, but the need for money and the promise of some fun persuades her to do what it takes. Once she decides to go for it, she loses all her inhibitions, and it is quite nice to watch. For a chance to play with that pretty pink pussy, I’d cough up some book money too!

The encounter with Ria lasts 52 minutes, and you can view the film of it in a couple of ways. You can view the entire clip, if you want to see the story line play out. If you would rather just cut to the action, you can view smaller one-minute clips of the action. If you chose the smaller clips, you have a thumbnail that shows you just what’s going on in that section.

Whether you view the whole film or shorter clips, you can chose from three different file sizes. The high clips are designed for super-high-speed connections, and didn’t work well on my average DSL setup. The medium clips are aimed for DSL users, and the low speed works very well for dialup connections.

If you prefer still pictures, there are screen captures from the video available as well. They catch Ria in all her beauty and nastiness. There are over two hundred photos in Ria’s set. The pictures open onto a new page that makes it easy to navigate between shots. The files are small enough so that even people with slow Internet connections can enjoy them without much hassle.

There are 42 models on Coeds Need Cash besides Ria. Not all of them are quite this long, but the material from each episode is presented the same way. That’s not all the content, though, by any stretch of the imagination. A subscription here gets you access to a number of bonus websites. They cover almost every category of porn, from amateurs to teens; each has as much or more content available too. At least one of these websites is updated daily.

Most of the content on all of these sites is unique – you won’t find it anywhere else on the web. Some of the girls appear on more than one site, but the scenes themselves are not repeated. The majority of these episodes feature some very pretty babes and broads who definitely are not afraid to fuck and suck on camera. Membership also grants you access to some streaming video and live chat sites.

Updates on this site seem to occur about once a month and the other problem that I found was that there is no way for members to download the video to their own hard drive. It streams nicely direct from the site but there is no way to download and save.


While the amount of content on Coeds Need Cash is not remarkable, the total offered on all the websites you can access certainly is – over 590 movies with accompanying picture sets. The content is unique, most of the models are hot and all of them get plenty nasty, and the price is pretty reasonable.
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$4.95 - 3 Day Trial
$29.88 - 30 Day
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40+ Picture Sets (avg. 180 pics each)
WMV, Stream Only 
71+ Video Sets (approx. 45 min. each), 20+ Bonus Sites
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