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Super Site Pass
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Super Site Pass
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If you are wondering what exactly a Super Site Pass is then you are in luck. This is basically a doorway into a pretty impressive number of sites and you get access to every one of them for the cost of most normal single sites. The best part is, and I am sorry to ruin the surprise for you, is that while the tour says they give you access to a total of 20 sites, the actual number of sites here is 40!

That is 40 full sites all for the standard price of a single membership at other sites. It is a pretty good bargain and they have a wide range of niches here to suit pretty much every mood that might strike you and even a couple that might never had occurred to you as being erotic. They break these sites down into basically three main sections; The Movie Pass Network, the Super Site Network and the Solo Sites.

The first section is the Movie Pass Network and it consists of mainly your more Ďnormalí types of porn. If you are in the mood for some oral action then check out their Faces Of Goo site or the Poke My Throat site. Both will give you a very healthy dose of downloadable sperm splashing in the face action.

Or letís say you are in the mood to watch some horny slut get her ass stretched by some huge, hard pounding cock. Then Ass Hookers, Dirty Anal Girls and Hooked On Ass might be three sites you will want to head right to. The point is they have a lot of different normal kinds of porn in the Movie Pass Network and people like me will find it an adventure in stroking.

Now when you hit the Super Site Pass Network that is when you start to cross over from what the majority of people get off on to the more sublime, very specific taste kind of sites. Some of these sites had me wondering if people actually got off on this kind of thing. I am sure they do it just seems a bit unusual to me.

Sites like Bubblegum Dreams where members can watch sexy girls get butt naked and chew gum. The intensity doesnít stop there as most of these babes also go crazy and actually blow bubbles with their gum and I am sure it just drives people right over the edge. Some of the girls do manage to rub one out and that just struck me as enjoying your hubba bubble a little too much!

Another site that had me completely baffled was Horny Tickling. Yes I did indeed say Horny and then Tickling; two words I had never even considered putting together in any kind of context. But yes, there are people out there who truly get off watching girls being tickled and these are mostly girls tickling other girls which is, I will admit, kind of hot.

The Solo Sites area features just two sites which star a couple of very cute teen girls. The first is called Kayla Banks and the second is Rikki Lace. Kayla is a sexy little thing with multiple piercings, a cute smile and a drop dead gorgeous body. Rikki has very small tits and is a serious looker.

The thing with these sites is they are almost carbon copies of one another featuring many of the same picture sets and videos in them. It does afford you the opportunity to get to know these girls very well especially since both have live webcam shows. The best part is they appear to be very good friends because they do plenty of pics and vids together and that is extremely hot!

About now you might be thinking that this sounds pretty good and your looking for the link. But I have to tell you that the 40 exclusive sites are not all you get with a membership here. There are another 72 video and picture feeder sites that add a whole lot more bang to this incredible package.

The navigation here is not very intuitive and does require a little bit of getting used to. If you hit this site in a hurry to rub one out then you may find yourself fumbling around trying to find exactly where you want to go. It is not so bad as to be completely unmanageable, but it does take some getting used to.


I really donít know what more I can say other then this is basically a total of 112 video sites all for the price of one! That is an incredible amount of porn and the quality is done well. I would recommend this site for anyone interested in abusing their cocks a little while checking out a huge variety of stroke material.
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20+ Sites in the Network
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