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Squirting 101
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Squirting 101
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Squirting has to be one of the wildest and kinkiest things related to sex. Lots of guys think that squirting is really just another form of pissing but that is definitely not right. A girl who squirts is experiencing the most intense form of orgasm any woman can have and she has absolutely no control of what she does.

And it certainly isnít piss, itís all pure pussy juice and it really is the female form of ejaculation.

This site is definitely well set out with links to all the episodes at the top of the membersí homepage and links to all the bonus sites and feeds below that. It certainly isnít a site that youíre likely to get lost on.

Each episode includes a set of pictures and video. The images look as thought they have been taken from the video but the quality is definitely very good. The screen size of the big images comes in at 640x480 and the file size will even suit members who are restricted to dial up connections.

Each set of images is thumbnailed and the thumbnails are included in gallery pages. Each gallery page is interlinked with all the others in the set and that is a very good move because there are lots of images. Members are also provided with links that allow you to move from one big picture to the next and just to make it even more user friendly there is a link to each gallery that allows members to download the entire gallery as a zip file.

The movies are available in Real Media or Windows Media format and there are also provision for members to choose a file size that will best suit their connection speed. Members can choose to view individual clips and if you do that the video will stream into a pop-up media player. The screen image is very clear and the clip streamed without any real delays.

Members can also choose to download individual clips direct to their own hard drive or they can even get the full-length movie. The links are there and it all works seamlessly. The action in the videos is excellent and if you have never seen a girl squirt before you will have after you have seen the movies on this site.

Personally I really get turned on by a babe who squirts because if I get her to that stage then itís obvious that Iíve given her one of the best fucks sheís ever had and squirting is a way she tells the guy that sheís enjoying the action.

When I visited the site there were 64 sets of pictures and video along with 10 bonus sites and 48 feeds from other sites.

Itís hard to find any fault with a site like this because it really is very user friendly. It gives a lot more than other sites do. About the only complaint that I had was that the streaming video is displayed in a player with a very small screen and the video that I looked at did not look good when I kicked it up to full-screen mode.


I loved the site Ö but then squirters always turn me on. But seriously the action in this site was well-presented and very graphic. There is not a lot of genuine squirting content around and so a site that has 64 episodes has got to be one of the leaders.

So with that hard-to-get content and the bonus sites and feeds this has to represent good value for money.
Prices & Billing
Type Cost   Billing
$9.95 - 5 Day Trial
CCBill, Paycom
$24.95 - 30 Day
Content Info
Type Amount   Formats
60+ Picture Sets (avg. 200 pics each)
WMV, RM, Download & Stream
60+ Video Sets (approx. 15 min. each)
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