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My Girlfriend Squirts
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My Girlfriend Squirts
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Letís give it up for all these girls that can squirt. It is supposed to be something that all we women can do but for the majority of us, we just canít seem to hit the right spot. Ever since I saw my first squirting movie a few years ago, I was fascinated and wanted to experience it for myself. When these girls cum they seem to have some very intense orgasms and who wouldnít want to try that at least one time just to see how it feels.

At My Girlfriend Squirts you get to see a bevy of girls that do just that. They squirt their juices out of the pussy and it can make for a very wet mess. But the guys donít seem to mind and you might actually be in awe on how far some of these squirters shot their cum. . Some get distance and squirt out a couple feet and others are like the breaking of a dam when it all comes gushing out. Itís all the squirting baby and you will definitely find it here.

A girl squirting is a wonderful thing and you will find plenty of that on My Girlfriend Squirts. At the time of this review there are 53 scenes and about half of them are all solo masturbation or a guy helping her out with his mouth and getting a mouth of juices. The others are all hardcore action with the squirting as just part of the scene instead of a focal point.

One of the movies that is all about the squirting and we get to meet Lany who is coming to the studio to show us her talent. She starts things off by fingering her pussy and gets so horny and wet that she wants someone to help her out with a bit of muff diving. She doesnít want any Tom, Dick or Harry, who she really has in mind in the camera guy and you donít have to tell him twice.

He passes the camera off to his bud and heads on over to start chowing down and his favorite position seems to be with her pussy above his face. When it gets to where she is going to cum, that particular position comes in handy because she squirts it all over his face and in his mouth. I guess this is some of the perks that come with being a camera guy for a porn site!

One of the hardcores scenes stars Brooke. This one takes place in the kitchen and I will never look at my island counter the same way again. She rides his cock as he is spread eagle on the counter and gets her turn as she lies upside down and sucks his cock. There is a lot of fucking and sucking going on and itís not a dick that gets Brooke to squirt, she actually ends up using a glass dildo. She makes a mess all over the floor but you get a nice close of up of her squirting her juices. Once everything is done and over with, itís time to get out the cleaning supplies and clean up all the body fluid. I would hate to be that maid!

When logging into the members the first thing you see are the latest 5 featured videos that are the main stay for this site, meaning they are the squirting movies. Each of the featured video come with a full-length video and a photo set for the older scenes and the new scenes have the video cut into 4 clips in large and small speeds with a full-length that can be streamed only. You have the option to stream them from the server or download them to your hard drive. The quality is good and the download and buffering speed went pretty quickly so you are able to watch the videos very fast.

Some of the older scenes come with their own set of pictures and these are pretty good. There are not many of them but there is enough to get your juices flowing so to speak. Each set is laid out in a thumbnail gallery page with all the thumbs that link to the larger image on one page full page. The quality is pretty consistent and they are nice and big with a screen size of 677x801. You will have to view these all online and if you find one you just canít pass up, just save it to your hard drive for later viewing.

Along with the featured videos and pictures there is a ton of extras. There is an additional 72 bonus video feed sites which cover a variety of action from solo, toys, group, lesbian and just hardcore couple fucking and these are full-length that have multiple movies inside each site and cover several niches and then the biggie with is access to 39 bonus sites. It has been a few days since this site has been updated but the network appears to get updated on a daily basis.

The older videos have pictures to go with each set and on the new updates they have taken them away completely as well as the full-length for download. They did keep the full-length so that you can stream it from the server but what you get when you click on it is actually the 1st clip instead of the full scene.

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Nothing like having your face covered in warm juices, at least that could be the sentiment of some of the guys and girls that get squirted on. You can enjoy squirting videos galore in both solo and hardcore action and these girls really get into the action. The video and picture quality is pretty good and on top of that you have the many extras that come with your membership. And lastly of course you have the daily updates and even though you donít get current updates for this site, you get them for many more.
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$1.00 - 3 Day Trial
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30+ Picture Sets (avg. 50 pics each)
†Wmv, Download & Stream
30+ Video Sets (approx. 6 min. each), 400+ Bonus Movies, 20 Bonus Sites
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