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I Love To Squirt
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I Love To Squirt
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I don’t claim to be a sexual guru, but I know for a fact that a lot more women would squirt – ejaculate a lot of pussy juice when they cum – if guys worked harder. I love to go to work on a tight pink twat, teasing and manipulating it until she gushes like a geyser. There’s only one thing I love more than watching a chick freak out when she splashes her first bucket full of twat drip.

The only thing better, of course, is fucking that lubed-up love tunnel. By the time they start squirting they are so deep into orgasm that anything you do makes them cum harder. You’re guaranteed a good fuck after you show one the splash they can produce – the I Love to Squirt club remains eternally grateful!!

You don’t want to be a gentleman and agree to sleep on the wet spot with any of the sluts they’ve found for I Love to Squirt – but sleeping soggy might be worth a shot at banging one of these babes! One nice feature of the site I noticed right away is that they appear to be squirting for real, and they aren’t hard on the eyes, either. There are a lot of sites out there that try to pass off some pretty badly faked scenes, or some pretty ugly broads – there’s none of that here!

Right on the first page of the site is a good reality scene featuring Polly, a glasses-wearing brunette who gushes all over a pool table when she gets off. Fionna gets some help from her friend Jennifer as she bangs a guy hard enough to cause her pussy to erupt in a lava-like flow. Ira and Nadine are two busty blonde lesbo lovers who lick and finger and rub until they juice up the entire hot scene. This is just a taste; there’s a lot more where these came from!

There are forty nine more, to be exact, each of them in a movie that runs between twenty and forty minutes. The site employs a very simple layout that is easy to use. You’ve got up to five episodes per page. There are some thumbnail images that show what happens in the scene, along with a short text description.

If it’s a flick you want to view, click on the link and a media player opens. The full length features have been divided into up to twenty short clips; links to all of them are on the player page. You can also set the player to your Internet speed, and have three different playback area options. You can watch the whole movie, or just view some of the clips from it.

If you’re thinking you have to skip to a later clip to get to the action – don’t. They don’t waste a lot of time before they get to the sucking and fucking and pussy-eating on I Love To Squirt. The ebony lezzy beauties Miya and Tawny are into muff diving heaven by the third clip, for example. The action doesn’t just start quick – it keeps going right until the final frame.

As much content on as they give you on I Love to Squirt, it’s not nearly the entire package. You get access to a whole lot more movies, and they cum in just about every variety of porn you can find on the net. For starters, there are twenty other websites included with your membership in I Love to Squirt. Each of these sites has between twelve and almost fifty movies of their own, and they don’t repeat movies on any of the sites.

They don’t just give you volume, either; there is a lot of variety in this package. Among the collection is Euro Soft Babes, a solo girl site with plenty of toy and masturbation action. The rest of the collection is pure hardcore, and covers nearly every category of Internet porn. Among the niches represented are teen, mature/MILF, Indian, lesbian, Ebony, cumshot, and a couple of others.

Unfortunately some scheduled updates appear to have been missed, but what is available is quite good. I believe that if the site had some longer video clips and downloadable versions of the movies, it would be a feature that many members would appreciate.


I Love to Squirt contains a lot of excellent hardcore movies featuring chicks that really squirt. The movies are good and the site is well organized. These are professionally produced videos that play well, and you get plenty of options on how you want to view them.

The content added to the package by the bonus sites is more than most other venues offer their members. The addition of the DVD archive on the site blows the competition away. I Love to Squirt fully deserves my recommendation!
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$1.00 - 3 Day Trial
CCBill, Paycom
$29.95 - 30 Day
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No Picture Sets 
WMV  ,  Stream Only 
49 Video Sets, 25 Bonus Sites, Feeds 
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