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Female Pov
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Female Pov
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Did you ever think that maybe you could make it in porn? Any illusions I had in that regard melted the minute I watched the action on a set where they were filming a scene.
There ain’t no way I could keep a hard-on with somebody over my shoulder with a camera. Now, not everybody realizes that like I did, so they try anyway; that’s the premise behind the site Female POV.

The guys that appear on the site think they have what it takes to be a stunt cock. There’s a lot more to it than merely sticking your dick into a willing hot porn star slut, and with money riding on the out cum, so to speak, they’re putting these clods through a sort of porn prick boot camp. It should make for some pretty funny stuff, if the tour is any indication!

If all the guys that appear in dirty movies undergo the same sort of treatment that these poor saps get run through, you’ve got to give them credit for more than just big dicks. They get run through the wringer, and if they’re not performing up to this slut’s expectations she’s not shy about letting them know it, either! There were fifteen episodes on the site when I checked it out, each with photos and videos.

For example, one bald guy saunters into the office like he’s going to be the next best thing to hit porn since videotape. He’s even got a porn star’s set of balls – these two nuts look like two golf balls hanging around in a Ziploc bag. Unfortunately for him, his dreams of being “The Man” get shot down by his performance, which is far more like “The Pussy.” It’s funny to watch him go through his paces, though!

There’s another dude that actually does pretty well. He’s a country-bumpkin sort of clod who shows up for the interview sans shirt. What would possess a guy with a five and half inch dick – that’s hard, by the way – to think he could make it as a porn star is beyond me, but he does manage to work it into this slut’s ass. Needless to say, the chemistry between them is not going to set the porn world on fire!

There’s more where those guys came from. Lance is a kind of a pretty boy, and there’s no way he was prepared for just how rough they were going to be on him. He’s quite popular, however, because he was totally compliant. Dillan is even more of a trip, since he’d have to act even harder than most guys in a straight porn scene; he’s gay, can’t flip the switch, and gets put down for his flaccid member and fruity demeanor!

If you want to check out the treatment these guys get in photos, you’re in luck; these are very good image galleries. The thumbnails are all on one page (between sixty and a hundred per scene), and the 640x480 pixel images load fairly quickly. These appear to be screen captures pulled directly from the movies, but the quality of the collections is much higher than many sites are offering their members.

The videos are the true high point on the site. You get to see these guys put through their paces, some of them even getting fucked in the ass with a strap on, in a couple of different ways. Each of the full length features has been divided into three smaller, more manageable segments. You have the option of streaming them into an on-site media player or downloading them to your hard drive, either whole or in one minute clips.

Members of Female POV get access to a lot more than the episodes on the site. There are four exclusive bonus sites (oral, MILF, ebony, and creampie); most of these sites have far more episodes, delivered in the same format. There are any number of additional bonus sites and some excellent feeds. Finally, there is an extensive library of downloadable movies in a wide variety of porn niches that you can check out!

It would be nice if there was a downloadable version of the whole movie for members with a high speed Internet connection.

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Female POV in an interesting site; it’s as funny as it is erotic. The scenes are pretty funny, as if your local neighborhood weirdo decided that he was going to become a porn star. The site is efficiently designed and easy to use; the large amount of additional content is easy to get at and use.

It’s those large libraries of bonus content that make this a membership worth considering. There is a lot of high quality hardcore porn here, and it cums in virtually every niche found on the web. I have few reservations about recommending a membership in Female POV.
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15 Picture Sets 
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15 Video Sets, 20+ Bonus Sites 
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