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Screaming O
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Screaming O
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Have you ever been watching a porno and wondered just what it took to get a girl to holler like she is losing her freaking mind during sex? I have finally found the answer at Screaming O, you see you just need to remember to bring the B.O.B. (Battery Operated Boyfriend) and you will be all set. This site is jammed with babes jamming their all sorts of up inside them or against their clits and the results are LOUD, energetic screaming orgasms and they all looked mighty real to this hombre!

You can look high and low and you will not find any hard cocks on this site except your own. Normally I tend to shy away from sites that only feature women fingering, or dildo-ing themselves into oblivion but the models on this site are very appealing, attractive babes. They range from hot teens to almost MILF and all of them are ‘lookers’

Another thing they seemed to have more then a few of is the funny vibrator that the girls straggles and it wiggles, she giggles and the next thing you know she is gripping the end, grinding like she’s trying to flatten the thing out and either shouting so loud of sucking air in through her teeth you’d swear she was going to explode! Yeah that shit right there does turn me on!

The videos are in basically two formats which are Real Media and Windows Media Video, and the WMVs come in three qualities, high 640x480 medium 320x240 and low 320x240, low is probably best left to dial up users and viewed at 100% but the medium and high can both be zoomed to full screen to get a really good look at these spasming pussies. All can be downloaded directly to your hard drive but the stream option can be a little jerky at times.

Each quivering video is accompanied by its very own picture set which you can browse through or download a zip file of. I always prefer to download the zip so I can have every image to enjoy whenever I want. The download is quick and smooth. But you can also use the trusty right click and save image as technique if you’re a little choosier about what you save.

Updates appear to come in about once a week although an exact number would be impossible to give since they do not include what dates each video was added to the site. There is a descent amount of content here with 65 video and picture sets available at the time of this review.

If by some chance you want to see women who are actually fucking guys, or even other girls, then this site also provides you with plenty of extras to help you out there. Try this on for size, 10 more exclusive sites that you get unlimited access to, that’s right, download your ass off there is plenty more content. On top of that are 11 additional bonus feeder type sites and all are jammed with even more videos, you will have your own screaming orgasm when you see all the stuff you get for your membership.

There are a bunch of feeder sites at the bottom of this main page, nothing fancy just a bunch of text links. The problem is not a single one of them is working. That’s not too big of a deal since they do give you plenty of bonuses but I was disappointed because some of them sounded pretty interesting. I would have preferred the links be removed rather then act as a gigantic tease for me.


Women using B.O.B.s to get their nut is not something I am a screaming fan of, but this site has some incredibly hot girls and the orgasms are enough to send chills down your spine. While Mr.Tonka Toy may have an adverse effect on my self esteem watching these babes almost collapse from their orgasms turned me on plenty. Then when I consider all the extras that come with this site I have to admit that I could spend a lot of time here enjoying the shows!
Prices & Billing
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$9.95 - 5 Day Trial
CCBill, Paycom
$24.95 - 30 Day
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60+ Picture Sets (avg. 100 pics each)
640x480 (.wmv)   320x240 (.rm) ,  Download & Stream 
60+ Video Sets (approx. 20 min. each), 10+ Bonus Sites
Click here to visit Screaming O

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