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Banging Machines
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Banging Machines
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You know, I’m a pretty smart guy. I know that it’s usually better to get a machine to do work. A car is better than a horse, of course; when I paint my house it goes a lot faster when I use a compressor and spray gun instead of an old fashioned brush or roller. Still, there is just something about the idea of a machine to fuck women I find a little threatening.

I have to admit, though, that these machines certainly do a good job of it. Watching these sluts get poked by the monster mechanical cock, you can tell they certainly are getting off. If you’ve got the sound on just a little, you can not only see it, you can hear it too. Let me tell you what I found here, before I get to worrying about whether my dick will become obsolete.

The first thing you see when start poking around this website is that they deliver on the standard promise that every website makes – lots of content, all of it high quality. The number of features related to the theme is rather small, but anyone who is alive will be bound to find something else that gets them off among this massive collection.

The Banging Machine videos are very nice. Most of them run twenty minutes or more, and are divided into smaller two-minute clips. These Windows Media (.WMV) films can be streamed from their website in a player that opens on another page, or can be saved to your computer so you can view them at any time. I had no problems downloading the clips, and the streaming video player performed pretty good.

The photos are as good as the videos. There were one hundred or more pictures in the sets I checked out. These are not cheap screen captures from a grainy video, either – these are very good images. The pictures run kind of large, but I can assure you that it is worth a small wait to for them to load. You can navigate from one to the next very easily.

As far as the total quantity of content available with a subscription to Banging Machines, we have barely scratched the surface. There is so much here that it is hard to know where to begin. The best material can be found at the twenty reality themed sites that is included in a membership. Each of these sites have sixteen or more features that are as good or better as the Banging Machines content.

Beyond that, there are far more than one hundred different video sites in every porn niche imaginable. There are almost thirty live sex shows, and over fifteen voyeur cam feeds. Membership includes access to several eZines, which provide some interesting written erotica. Finally, there are dozens of Interactive games that sure make computer Minesweeper seem pretty lame. There is also a photo section with dozens of sets in over thirty categories.

There are a limited number of features related to the theme. The two minute video clips definitely get a little old real fast.


If you like seeing hot chicks have screaming orgasm after screaming orgasm, this is a very good value. Actually, it really doesn’t matter what your favorite type of porn is – the huge library you get here would be a decent value for anyone.

Banging Machines contains 10 Videos and 10 Picture Sets
Prices & Billing
Type Cost   Billing
$1.00 - 3 Day Trial
CCBill, Paycom
$39.73 - 30 Day
Content Info
Type Amount   Formats
10 Picture Sets (avg. 100 pics each)
Wmv, Stream Only
10 Video Sets (approx. 30 min. each)
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