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Indian Booty Hunters
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Indian Booty Hunters
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This site describes itself as a ‘mark in history’ which may come across as one giant load of self aggrandizement, but if you think about what they are doing then it is pretty damned unique. Rather then putting an ad in some paper and hoping hot Indian girls will show up at their doors, these guys actually travel across India and find the hotties to bang.

And bang them they do them is some pretty varied places. This is authentic Indian porn and not something you are going to see much of anywhere else. Right down to the language they speak and the background music this site screams ‘I am for real’ especially when the hot dark skinned babes are having their orgasms!

I have always enjoyed seeing women of different ethnicities naked and in action. I don’t know why maybe it is because these are races I have never had the chance to fuck myself. I also love the really dark nipples that these copper colored women sport. It doesn’t really matter though because when all is said and done these girls are hot and sexy and enthusiastically know how to fuck.

I guess finding hot Indian babes willing to fuck on cam that actually live in that ultra conservative country must be pretty difficult because they certainly didn’t make it easy to find when I logged in. You see this site is part of the Niched Sites network of sites and that means when you become a member you also get unlimited access to a lot of other sites. It also means that every link to every site you get access to is all located on this first page.

That’s a good and bad thing. You DO get a lot of sites here but it also makes it a little more difficult to actually find Indian Booty Hunter in this main member’s area. But to make it even more challenging I guess they went ahead and named this site differently on the main page. On the main page it is called Indian Booty Bangers, believe it or not I went right past this link two or three times before I realized it was the site I was looking for.

Once you click that link however a whole new world, well subdivision, of 10 exotic beauties opens up for you. The videos are very authentic, the action and models are very hot and I enjoyed each video I watched.

The videos are delivered in three qualities of wmv and one for mpeg. They load all their clips into an embedded video player and currently there is no option for viewing the videos uncut. You can choose to watch the video with three different screen sizes; 320x240, 512x384 and full screen and the quality is average.

All 10 of the videos currently on the site were all added on one day and it does not appear as though and new ones have been added since or any indication that they have any new ones waiting as updates. So you may be of the mind that there isn’t much here, but that’s just not true.

If you’re disappointed by the amount of content, put those concerns to rest right now because with a membership to this site you also get access to 23 other exclusive sites, 14 bonus sites and in their DVD Archive you get another 735 videos broken down into 52 separate categories. And this makes for a tremendous amount of porn for you get off on.

While you do get access to another site called Real Hot Indian Girls it does not have the same authentic quality that this one has so basically the amount of content here is kind of a disappointment. Even if you combine both of their Indian girl sites the amount of content would still fall a little short of what I would expect to see inside any site’s members’ area.


There is something to be said about seeing hot dark skinned women from a continent away getting banged good and hard! This site definitely will get you lusting after those gorgeous women wrapped in layers of sheer cloth. Combine that with the fairly massive amount of good old fashion hard core porn that comes with all the bonuses and extras and this deal is spicier then a big bowl of curry.
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10 Videos, 25+ Bonus Sites, Feeds 
Click here to visit Indian Booty Hunters

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