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Tease It Out
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Tease It Out
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If you have ever heard of a cock tease then this is where you might find them. These girls get to tease the cock till it is nice and hard and then its time to please the cock. They do this by rubbing and sucking any where and everywhere they want till he blows his load. Some get a nice creamy facial and others swallow each and every drop.

For the most part, all the cock teasers pleasure this guy with just a blowjob and running their cock over their tits and body. You have some that he just has to poke it in the pussy and asshole as well. These are the cock tease sluts that really turn him on.

I am not sure about every gal but I know for myself I love to tease. I think it adds a bit of fun into the mix. But in most things, there is a time to tease and a time not to tease. When your horny as all get out and just want to bust a nut then I would say that is not the time but when it’s a relaxed time and your enjoying each others company and want to enjoy it a bit more then that is when I get crazy.

I love cocks, to lick and suck them and to fuck them in between my big tits. You take him right to the edge and then back off and do it all over again. You guys know what I am talking about since I am sure a lot of you have done it when you are down there licking some pussy.

You will love Nikki, she is just my type of gal and knows how to tease cock. I would have to say she is in her late teens maybe early 20’s and has a nice pair of tits which she uses to tease with. She starts off with sucking cock and she has her tongue pierced so I am sure that adds to the feel of a tongue running up and down a cock.

But this cock tease goes a bit further then just sucking cock and titty fucking. She also pussy teases this cock as well. Slides it up and down her wet pussy and even puts just a tiny bit of the head inside. This girl knows what she is doing and does it good, you can tell by the mouthful of cum she ends up with and she swallows every last drop.

Nikki’s scene and all the others located in the member’s area have 2 picture sets in addition to the video that you get. There is a high resolution set which are on average about 512x768 and the quality is very good and then you also have a low resolution which is screen captures from each video.

These are not as good, they all tend to have some pixilation and they are 720x480 in screen size. Each picture set is laid out in a thumbnail gallery page that is clickable to the larger image. You can view each image individually or you have the option to download each set in zip file.

You will find that there are no full-length videos but what you get is the movie cut into equal parts. There are 2 formats and 2 bandwidth speeds. The first is WMV that comes in a high speed with a screen size of 640x480 and low speed version that has a screen size of 320x240.

The other format is MPG and it also has 2 speeds that are also high speed at 464x336 and a low at 328x240. The quality is good for both but the high is much better and can even be taken up to 200% where as the low will get pixilated. For some of the videos you also get the option to view the trailer so you can get a good idea of what the whole video is about and then decide if this is one you want to watch at this time.

There are a total of 24 episodes available at the time of this review. The updates appeared to be done about every 2 weeks but there has not been an update for about a month now. There is enough to keep you busy for a couple weeks but it you run out you also have an additional 40 bonus sites where you can find a lot more video and pictures in a variety of niches.

Inconsistency appears to be what is happening with the videos. You have some episodes that have a description, even though most don’t and some will even have a trailer. It would be nice to see them all have a description so you can get an idea of what the video is about.

Yes we know it is about cock teases but not everyone is the same and not everyone will be to your liking and a description usually helps me in making a decision on what I will watch first. But then that is just my own personal opinion.

You will also find that not all the videos will have all the bandwidth speeds and format available. The videos all start off with the first couple of clips having them all but then some just have mpg high and low and then some just mpg low.


I love a good cock tease and these girls know how to deliver and they use everything in their arsenal from their mouth, tits and even their wet pussy. For the majority, there is no penetration just good old fashion blowjob and tit fucking but it’s all good. Not a lot of video available at this time but with the addition of the 40 bonus sites it makes any disappointment you might have had not as bad.
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$4.95 - 3 Day Trial
CCBill, Paycom
$29.95 - 30 Day
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48 Picture Sets 
WMV   MPG ,  Download & Stream 
24 Video Sets + 40 Bonus Sites 
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