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Lick That Ass
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Lick That Ass
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Beautiful girls eating nothing but ass, now thatís something that Iíve got to see and thatís something that this site looks like itís going to show me. The trailers feature some very sexy babes so I wonder what the rest of the sluts inside are going to be like.

Well that was a bit of a shock. There I was thinking that I was joining Lick That Ass and I find myself in a membersí area headed by something else. At first I thought that Iíd somehow made a mistake but then I found the link further down the page, under a whole pile of DVD quality movies that members get access to.

Well this is a different site. It would be easy to say that it doesnít have much content because there are only 14 videos in this site but then there are 25 bonus sites and all those DVD quality movies. At the time I reviewed the site there were 669 of them that members got access to. So you canít say that there isnít much for members here.

Itís also different because there are no image galleries in the site for members to look at, not one! But then would you actually have time to look at any images or would you be too busy downloading video?

I know that if I was a member here I would be very busy downloading video because the video in this site Ė and those bonus videos Ė are some of the best that I have ever seen. The quality is outstanding and the site gives them to you as part of your membership.

Of course if you donít want them you donít have to download them. Instead you can stream them direct from the site. This is one of the best sites Iíve seen from streaming; the file sizes are not small and yet the sections of each movie stream without any buffering delays.

Iíve got to call them sections instead of clips because they donít stream as normal clips do. Members canít choose which clips they want to stream, instead they get the full-length movie and it automatically plays in clips that run into each other with members needing to do anything.

If you want clips then you are going to have to opt for downloading because thatís the only place that short clips are available. Members can also choose to download a DVD quality file of the full-length movie and personally I think that is the best option by far.

Whether you choose to stream or download members get the choice of two file sizes with one for those on dial up connections and the other for those on broadband connections.

I canít believe this site Ė it gives members so much in the way of quality movies that they can save and watch anytime they like. At the time I reviewed this site there were 14 videos, 25 bonus sites and 669 bonus videos available for members to enjoy.

I donít think that there is anything wrong with the site that is worth commenting on. It delivers on all of its promises.


Itís a great site and a membership here definitely represents great value for money. More movies are being added to the bonus section all the time and that just goes on adding value for members.
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$1.00 - 3 Day Trial
Jettis, Paycom
$24.95 - 30 Day
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No Picture Sets†
WMV, XviD, Download & Stream
15+ Video Sets (approx. 10 min. each), 40+ Bonus Sites , Bonus Feeds, 1000's Bonus DVD's
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