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The Big Swallow
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The Big Swallow
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Don’t you just love it when everything works out in a porn movie to everyone’s satisfaction? I know in today’s environment of extreme sex sites where you have guys yanking the head of some girl all the way back and then forcefully shoving his cock down her throat until she is gagging and eyes are watering. It would be nice to see a site where the girl in question not only loves to play the skin flute but actually enjoys eating the jizz at the end.

That is exactly what you get at The Big Swallow, a group of girls that enjoy both snorkeling down on some cock and eating goo at the end!

Some of these girls are, no shit, in an actual hurry to start doing their thing. They love giving head so much that when the camera comes on they are already nose to belly button engaged in the pole smoking. At first I thought these were just some random videos the site owners had just pulled off of a DVD or something but no, they actually talk to the girls and this is the real deal exclusive video thing.

My personal favorite was a very sexy girl named Lisa Marie, her video starts off with her gagging, pleasantly I might add, on some lucky guy’s huge cock. Up and down she eagerly slides her mouth over his shaft until I swear to god I am ready to blow right then and there! But they stop her and chat with her a bit, ask her questions, suggest she gets naked and so on.

Get naked she does and in no time at all she has switched from blowing the guy to fucking him like a pit-bull bitch in heat! Hey, this is one of those babes that is honestly and truly in love with the cock and it doesn’t matter if it is in her mouth or in her snatch she is going to get the most out of it one way or another. He finishes off by blowing a sizeable load directly in her mouth which she then proudly displays and makes it go bye-bye in one smooth gulp, if you can watch that video and not yank your crank you are a corpse!

All the cum loving babe videos in the world won’t amount to a hill of beans if the quality of the videos they are in sucks bad and luckily the guys who made this site understand that as well. It also won’t mean a thing if your connection is a bit sluggish and you end up spending your entire life trying to get one video to play. Don’t worry they have that covered as well.

The videos here come in full length and one minute clip a version which makes it easy to decide exactly what you may want to watch. I prefer the full length uncut version because it allows me to keep both hands free or to engage them in other activities which is exactly the point of the site. They are all available to stream in three separate qualities, High, Medium and Low with screen sizes of 480x360, 320x240 and 200x150 respectively.

Each exclusive video comes with a set of both digital stills and another of screen cap images from the video. These are all arranged on easy to navigate gallery type of pages and saving your favorites is as easy as right clicking and ‘saving image as’. The dimensions are, for the digital stills 400x600 and for the screen caps 640x480. They have bonus videos here as well and those have full sets of screen caps.

The Big Swallow is just one site in the Reality Pass Plus network of sites and you get unlimited access to each and every one of their offerings. A couple of other sites you might enjoy here are Big League Facials and Big Cock Teen Addiction. Both are very good reality sites and the girls they get to do these nasty things are smoking hot!

At this time they do not currently offer these videos in a downloadable version. For me this is a little disappointing because I like to scroll back and forth while watching a video and this brings up some serious buffer issues when you try and do that. But the videos are still very easy to view and extremely enjoyable.


Gorgeous girls gobbling cock and guzzling cum is hot no matter what site it is on but this site does it up right making sure everyone is happy, including their members, by the end of each video. But giving their members access to all the other sites in their network is just pure gravy and makes for a very enjoyable and lengthy stay.

I would recommend this site not only to people who like to watch girls who love yummying down on some cock, but any true porn fan.
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$4.95 - 3 Day Trial
$29.88 - 30 Day
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73+ Pictures Sets
WMv, Stream Only 
73+ Video Sets (approx. 20 min. each)
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