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Spring Break Spy Cam
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Spring Break Spy Cam
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Spring Break Spycam is the site that shows you what really happened at Spring Break í04. They do it by going out with a spycam in the center of a pair of glasses and filming themselves meeting hot girls in the various spots for spring break, taking them back to their hotel room and then filming everything the girl does, from trips to the bathroom to rides on cock! It is uncensored hardcore college sex at its absolute most uninhibited best!

I have often asked myself during spring break í04 what was going on at that very moment down in south Florida. Then after time had progressed I wondered just exactly what had happened during spring break í04. I finally was able to move on content in the knowledge that fun stuff probably had taken place but that I would never know about it; and boy was I wrong!

This site reminds me of something that took place not to long ago. I had started a medication regime that I really needed and the effects of taking it were dramatically positive and noticeable by everyone around me almost immediately. So much so that I was confronted with the fact that not only did my wife want to sexually please me again like we were 18 year olds, but that I was able to get an instant erection and maintain the thing indefinitely.

I could also control this miraculous boner at will having it go limp or spring to life just by thinking about it. My wife was amazed and I think she might have actually fallen back in love with me. The most astonishing thing about it is that this drug is not any kind of erectile dysfunction medication, its just a wonderful side effect. The downside, if there is one, is that I am absolutely unable to ejaculate.

Thatís right, not only can I get a seriously hard erection, but my stamina will someday be legendary because I canít blow. So in other words; a lot of build up and high quality sex but with no real climax. That is what this site reminded me of.

The videos on this site are amazing and that is not an exaggeration. I am a big fan of truly well done exclusive videos and since this is a Bang Bros site you know the videos are just kick ass. And they are too with only the cutest girls doing the naughtiest things with believable storylines. The quality of these downloadable vids is just great!

The anti-climax is that they really are videos from 2004 Spring break and as such they only provide the members with a total of six videos. Now if that is coming across all negative in the positive section of this review let me reiterate that each of these videos will get you off. They are hot, well done and these girls do things you just would not expect from them when the video starts. I often talk about my favorite video from a site but in this case all six of them here were equally enjoyable and the site is well worth checking out.

If you are sitting there thinking that there is no way you would shell out the cashola to become a member of any site with such limited content and no updates then you would really be missing out on everything they provide to their members.

You see if you want to join this site then it is hot teen sex you want to see and no one, and let me stress here that no one does teen hardcore as well as the Bang Bros. Members to Spring Break Spycams also gets access to the infamous Bang Bros network of sites and anything you could say is wrong with this site is more then made up for with the others.

Sites like Big Mouthfuls or Tugjobs have loads of content and exceptionally high quality content. The same can be said for Ball Honeys, Bang Bus and Boob Squad all of which members get access to. Members get access to a total of 15 high quality, well done sites in all

The only thing I can think of is that they did not pursue this site concept and making it about every Spring Break instead of just the one for í04. It is my opinion that this could be one of their best sites if they had just pushed harder and added more content. I know I would love to see the next Spring Break Spycam honies getting totally exploited on video!


One hell of a fine ass build up with no climax at all. While this site was a massive disappointment due to the updates and lack of content they do grant their members access to the entire Bang Bros network and that is most definitely worth the price of admission alone. I recommend you watch every one of the videos in here and then enjoy everything else that members get.
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