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Party Hard Whores
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Party Hard Whores
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I had two young babes as neighbor who were hot as hell, but as shy and as reserved as any chicks Iíve ever met. I am a lot of things, but shy and reserved are two things Iíve never been accused of! So, though I did hit on them a little, it was kind of half-hearted; I figured I wasnít close to either girlís type. What I didnít know is that they both had a hidden side that was crazy enough to nearly make ME blush Ė and that takes some doing!

Iím moseying through the crowd at my local Mardi Gras celebration Ė biggest one outside of New Orleans, mind you Ė when I stumble upon my two neighbors. Actually what I was first staring at was two magnificent sets of tits. I didnít know that they were my neighbors until I looked at their faces! I hooked up with them for the rest of the night, and wild just ainít the word; itís like describing a hurricane as breezy! I made sure to stick close to my Party Hard Whores until we got home!

If anyone was doing a scientific study of what happens when you apply liberal doses of sun and alcohol to hot looking chicks, they could check out the videos on Party Hard Whores! (I now have this vision of lab-geeks stroking their pocket protectors that I must get out of my head.) If you are looking for the type of movies that appear more choreographed than directed, itís not here. This is candid, unscripted wild-ass party action!

There were twelve excellent episodes on Party Hard Whores when I checked out the site. Each of these movies has been divided into about five shorter clips of two to three minutes each. They open in a media player with links that let you move through the segments any way you want to Ė in order, or just certain ones.

There is a common theme to all of these movies Ė girls getting wild and abso-fucking-loutely crazy! One of my personal favorites is the Jell-O wrestling movie, followed very closely by the chicks boxing. Youíll find your favorites, Iím sure; it might be the party boat scenes, or the hot sudsy soapy girl-girl shower movie. Thereís more where that came from, too!

Theyíve got plenty of hot chicks, in a mix of hair colors and body types, to interest most anyone. If you are a big tit man, check out the first episode on the website; the boobs on that broad could double as life preservers (or would make great pillows!). Whatever your preference, youíll enjoy these spontaneous flicks!

Now, if you are thinking that twelve episodes, no matter how good, arenít a lot of content for a membership site Ė youíre right, but the point is irrelevant. You get a lot more porn with a subscription to Party Hard Whores than just whatís on the website. To start with, you should check out the DVD Archive on the top of the page. They have over seven and a half days worth of porn scenes taken from great DVD titles in over thirty categories.

That still isnít all you get when you join Party Hard Whores. There are twenty other complete websites that you get unrestricted access to. Most of them have two or three times the amount of content that you find on this site; as a rule, the movies are longer, too. The sites do share a couple of things in common Ė a similar design and layout, very hot chicks, and content as hardcore as the niche will allow.

If you are into teens, for example, check out the cock-gobblers and jizz addicts on Sexy Teens Big Cocks, College Teen Creamers, or Hardcore Teenie Sex. For a more experienced view of sex, there is Mom Loves Cum and MILF Porn Pass. You have hardcore Indian porn, fine Ebony babes, awesome titty fucks, cumshots and blowjobs, and a whole lot more.

There are a couple of sites that really captured my attention Ė I can tell that by the bulge in my pants. I Love to Squirt has an amazing blonde in glasses who cums on the pool table. Penelope over on Plaster Her takes on two cocks and wins the big prize Ė a double facial. Cream Filled Modelís Alaura Eden taking a cock in the ass in her fish net stockings is a sight to behold! Thereís a lot more; go find your own favorites!!!

I really couldnít find anything to fault with this site. However if there were some downloadable movie clips and access to some photo content of the scenes, I believe that they would be great additions to the site.


Party Hard Whores contains some fun, crazy candid shots of wild chicks partyiní hardy. The movies may not be the most professionally shot films, but what they lose in style they more than make up for in honest, candid action. The website itself employs a simple design, and the content is easy to access and use.

There is more content, when you add in the bonus sites, here than on most offers on the web. When you add the massive DVD archive you have a massive package deal. I can recommend Party Hard Whores.
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$29.95 - 30 Day
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12 Video Sets, 25+ Bonus Sites
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