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Cheerleader Auditions
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Cheerleader Auditions
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When I was in school I had a really hot, and really stacked next-door neighbor who was a cheerleader. Now, I wasn’t exactly the school spirit guy, but I certainly enjoyed watching her practice her routines in the back yard. As soon as I figured out that she not only knew I was watching, but was working hard at showing me all she could, I knew I was in.

She was one horny little nympho, and kinky to boot. As we went through school she’d get some of the other cheerleaders to come over, and I scored with them too; we even had more than a couple threesomes with horny fresh meat! I used to look forward to spring, because that meant she’d soon give me the heads-up about a new round of Cheerleader Auditions – and some tight pink pussy!

The first think I did when I got onto the Cheerleader Auditions site is check the chicks. Too many sites stick a uniform on a thirty-something and try to pass that off as a cheerleader, and I just hate that. That was not what I found here; these babes are young, hot and fresh. That meant the second thing I had to do is move the keyboard tray; something, uh, rose up and was bumping into it!

There are twenty eight episodes on Cheerleader Auditions as I do this review. Each of them has a full length movie and an outstanding photo set. These are not your average videos and pictures, either. The films run between forty and fifty minutes each, while there is between a hundred twenty to over two hundred photos for each episode.

Bree looks like the kind of cheerleader anyone would want to try out. She has a hot little body, and is eager to work it to get on the cheer team. She passed the physical, and the "oral" interview to see how she gave head went very well. Then they moved to her thorough exam where we checked out everything, including the depth and tightness of her sweet cheerleader pussy!

Wait until you see the huge natural rack on Brandy! She doesn't even need pompoms. What her cheerleader skills were lacking she made up for with her excellent "oral" skills. Brandy can also multi-task very well, as her ability to use her oral skills on two cocks at once will clearly demonstrate! As you will see, Brandy will swallow anything for a shot at the big time!

So what is better then one cheerleader? That would be, of course, two horny sluts working on each other! These two cuties are so excited to be riding in a limo that they just had to get naked and have a little snatch snack. This might be the first time they have done each other on camera but you’ll be able to tell they have done each other before!

Sarah is a yummy college redhead who really wants onto the squad. She puts on the loaner uniform and isn’t bothered by the fact there were no briefs with it. Due to that her cartwheels were quite a sight! She gives great head and fucks for school spirit like a trooper! Her forty four minute movie is accompanied by nearly two hundred photos.

The picture sets on Cheerleader Auditions are considerably better than I’m used to finding on many sites. These are excellent photographs; at 800 pixels on the long edge they’ve very easy to check out, and the file sizes of between 100-175KB are reasonable. They open on a viewer page with links to the previous and next images, making surfing the sets very easy.

All of the video clips are available in two playback sizes, so no matter what your Internet connection speed is you’ll be able to check out a movie. Sarah’s movie can be either streamed or downloaded in shorter clips. They are available in one minute or five minute lengths.

A Cheerleader Audition membership has some privileges associated with it. Your user name and password actually gets you complete access to a dozen other websites in a variety of hardcore niches. Not only does each site have its own content library, the entire network is updated on a fairly regular basis.

The movies are great, but it would be even better if there were some clips longer than five minutes available for downloading by those with the Internet connection to handle it.


Cheerleader Auditions will certainly raise something, even if it isn’t your school spirit! These are hot looking young sluts who are as enthusiastic as they are uninhibited. The lengths to which they will go to join the squad and kept the team’s spirits up are a pleasure to watch.

Add onto the fine content here twelve other websites, and you’ve got a pretty impressive package. The frequent updates mean that you have a steady supply of new material to check out, too. I certainly recommend that you consider a membership in Cheerleader Auditions!
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28 Video Sets, 12+ Bonus Sites, Feeds 
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