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18 Inches Of Pain
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18 Inches Of Pain
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I know about the old “opposites attract” line and all that stuff, but it still freaks me out to see some of the most petite white chicks hooking up with nothing but big black guys – and by big I ain’t talking height or weight! I know a couple of chicks like that, and they swear that they’ll never “go back” either to white dudes or guys with normal sized dicks! I’ll leave it to smarter people than me to figure out why this happens, but I do know it makes some fine porn!

You’ll get a good idea of what I’m talking about if you check out the tour of the 18 Inches of Pain website. They have assembled some hot looking white sluts, some black brothers with the sort of cocks that make a donkey self conscious, and put them together for some wild-ass suck and fuck sessions! It doesn’t take an in-depth study of this tour to make you want to see what’s inside the member’s area, so let’s check it out!

Crystal Ray is a cute little blonde slut who’s had the misfortune to run out of gas. She decides to ask some of the locals to help her out, and they’re not willing to provide charity – but they will barter. Crystal ends in a proverbial “ass for gas” exchange, finding herself facing two foot long black dongs that tear her pussy and her ass and her throat up! I guarantee you she wasn’t expecting the hoses filling her up to be quite as large as that!

One of the cutest Asian chicks I’ve seen in a while is Mika, and her encounter with this dark-meat shaft is a memorable one. This hoe has got to have a clit someplace in her tongue, because she deep throats this dick to a depth you’d swear was impossible! This cock gets buried in all her tight holes after that, and Mika’s moaning makes it clear that she’s getting off long and often in this excellent scene!

These are just two of the episodes you’ll find on 18 Inches of Pain, and they set the standard. This is big cock interracial hardcore in the extreme; these full service bitches eat these cocks like it’s their first meal in a month, and those rods plunge the depths of both ass and pussy in scenes as explicit as you could hope for. Don’t be put off by what seems to be a small content inventory, either; that number is deceptive, to say the least!

Your membership isn’t really in 18 Inches of Pain; instead it’s in what’s called the Wild Porn Pass. I’m not a big fan of “pass” memberships, because I’ve seen far too many that attempt to pass off a lot of porn to make up for the fact that it’s not very good. The Wild Porn Pass is that exception that proves the rule, I guess; they offer you thirty six different websites that cover the spectrum of online porn, from anal to tranny and everything in between!

With anywhere from a dozen to about forty videos on each, that seems like a pretty comprehensive collection. It is, but the sites are a drop in the big bucket of porn that you get as a subscriber. Before you get to the links to the various sites you pass links to twenty different niches of porn, and if you follow one of them you’ll find yourself staring at the archive of complete DVDs in that category that you can check out.

With an average of five movies on each title, you can guess already that this is a big library. A few of them have “only” just over a dozen titles, but most have about forty, and a few are over a hundred fifty. This is most assuredly not a static collection, either; in fact, they add a new DVD to one of the archives seven days a week. Today’s update was in the MILF niche, with POV (point of view), asses, threesomes, and anal scheduled for the next few days!

The videos on all of the Wild Porn Pass sites are offered in a couple of ways, so all members will be able to enjoy them. If you’ve got a high speed Internet connection you’ll probably want to download the high quality version of the flick in one large file. Otherwise, there are high and low speed versions of the flicks divided into five manageable clips. You can also stream them into an on-site media player, again in high or low speed!

There is no still picture content on the site, but aside from this minor omission you’ll find little to bitch about here!

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You’d be hard-pressed to find a big cock/interracial site with content like what you’ll get on 18 Inches of Pain. These are fine looking chicks that are as horny as they are hot. The videos are high quality professional productions, and the action is as hardcore as it gets.

With thirty six sites and huge DVD archives covering twenty different niches of porn, you’ll be able to meet any need you might have. Add onto that the addition of a complete DVD every day and you’ve got a porn library that compares to the inventories of some adult stores. I have no problem recommending a subscription to Wild Porn Pass/18 Inches of Pain!
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Jettis, Paycom
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25 Picture Sets 
WMV,  DivX , Download & Stream 
25 Video Sets (approx. 20 min. each), 40+ Bonus Sites , Bonus Feeds, 1000's Bonus DVD's 
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