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Bikini Dream
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Bikini Dream
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Girls in itsy bitsy teenie weenie bikinis are the order of the day at Bikini Dream. If you have ever sat on a beach hoping beyond hope that just one of the straps on one of these hot sluts suits would suddenly bust directly in front of you, well now you can pray for the same thing from the comfort of your desk and not nary a grain of sand finding its way up between your ass crack! You still won’t see nipples or bush, but you’ll be teased by the fantasy.

I am not one of those guys that love to be teased. As a matter of fact it sort of frustrates the shit out of me when I am on a porn site and it takes more then 30 seconds or five images before the babe in question is full on nude. So it is with this fact in mind that you should read the next few paragraphs of review, because I am sitting here frustrated enough to chew on my keyboard!

These models are babes, and I am not talking about the ‘Yeah she’s good looking’ run-of-the-mill type of babes, but drop dead gorgeous, reminds me of ‘jerking off to swimsuit issues of sports magazine while curled up in a ball under the covers with a flashlight’ kind of babes! Which of course, now that I am old enough to enjoy a good porn site as much as the other guy and have actually had sex, just adds to my complete frustration of this type of content.

If you live for the tease then this site is going to give you everything you ever wanted to see. I guess some guys might really adore this site since it is loaded with desktop wallpaper safe images of extremely gorgeous women, but for me I wanted to see some tits! Almost as a blessing from the boner deity they do indeed have a few sections that are nothing but ‘candid’ beach shots’. These girls show tits (topless beaches) and I got to drool like crazy.

They even have some candid videos that are very hot public nudity type of stuff that was satisfying in a ‘Damn this chick is gorgeous why doesn’t she do hard core’ kind of way. All the videos come in two sizes of WMV, Low with a screen size of 320x240 and high at 640x480. The quality for both is excellent.

But the bulk of the content here are high quality images. There are 62 sets at the time of this review and each set consists of anywhere from 2 to 6 pages of images with about 20 images per page. You can save these 1024x682 images by right clicking and choosing save image as one picture at a time. It may not be speedy, but it will effectively get you exactly what you want to see!

There are a lot of links on the page for bonus materials but the best is by far the 11 additional exclusive sites you get unlimited access to when you become a member. Sites with names like ‘SOLO STUNNERS’ for you tease/soft-core freaks out there and sites like ‘Blonde Bangers’, ‘POV Fantasy’ and ‘XXX Movie Files’ for guys like me that crave the hardcore! Eleven sites and all of them hot as hell and free with the membership!

A lot of what you get as far as bonuses other then the exclusive sites is upsells. That means that you are not going to see any nudity on the webcams or anything like that unless you pay an extra fee. Now you can see girls chatting with you in their panties which may very well appeal to people who like to see girls in their bikinis, but it leaves me wondering why it is added at all, I just don’t like this practice.


Ok obviously the rather soft, teasing natural of this site did not send me rushing out to spend my life on this site, but in all fairness to the site, the quality is very high for what you’re getting. I also respect the fact that for many men the ‘leaving a little to the imagination’ has a huge appeal, just not for me. If you are one of those guys who likes their women scantily clad then this site will be a very good choice for you. But if you’re a hard core maniac like me, then the bonus sites is where you will spend your time.
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$9.95 - 5 Day Trial
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$29.95 - 30 Day
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62 Picture Sets 
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9 Video Sets, 10+ Bonus Sites 
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