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Tokyo Pickups
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Tokyo Pickups
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For quite a while I was half-convinced that there were only about ten Asian models willing to do hardcore, and that between them there were only about forty movies Ė maybe fifty. I got this idea from surfing porn sites, mostly ďpackageĒ deals that included sites in a number of categories. The Asian entries in these collections tended to look the same, as if they were thrown together with whatever they could grab to claim a site in the niche.

Of course, I know there is a lot more content out there, and much of it is incredibly good stuff. I always prefer a membership site that has content in more than one category, because I like variety in my life and in my porn. The problem Iíve found is that an awful lot of sites with more than one category are lucky to do one niche well. Tokyo Pickups claims to offer great Asian and a lot of other content, so I was more than happy to check it out.

The first thing you need to know about Tokyo Pickups is that you need a Wild Porn Pass to get into the site. When you open the memberís area of the Wild site, youíll be blown away. To throw some numbers at you, there are thirty six sites covered by the Wild Porn Pass. There are also twenty different categories of porn in which they have anywhere from ten to over one hundred full DVDs.

Numbers are impressive, but quality is what counts Ė and you can bet they deliver here on Tokyo Pickups. The fifteen movies on the site are simply awesome. Suzy, a horny little slut with a great body and ďfuck meĒ eyes, sucks a mean cock. Jun is another petite Japanese lovely who loves to fuck as much as she loves to suck, and isnít afraid of a mouthful of jizz, either.

Fifteen episodes doesnít sound like much, but it isnít even close to all the Asian content you get. From the front page of the Wild Porn Pass memberís area you can click on the Asian link in the DVD collections. They lie to you on that page, by the way, when they say they have twenty eight Asian DVDs Ė the actual number is forty six. Itís an awesome and impressive collection, too!

Keep in mind that each DVD has anywhere from three to ten movies each. Among my personal favorites were the Ten Little Asians series, each with (duh) ten movies of petite teen hotties. For the babe lover, the Banzai series is equally impressive, as is the Asian Divas series. Donít forget that you get a lot more than Asian content with your Wild Porn Pass, however.

The thirty six websites and the twenty DVD categories available to you in the Wild Porn Pass memberís area span just about every category or niche of online porn that you can think of. Thereís something for every appetite, from amateur to voyeur, amid all this material. I can almost guarantee that no matter what your pleasure is, thereíll be more than a few things of interest to you. At the time I did my review there are well over seven hundred titles in the collection.

That number grows every day, seven days a week, because thatís how often they add a new title. Consider that some of the best sites on the web add a clip from a movie every day, but may take ten days to get the whole movie on the site. Others may only update monthly or less frequently, if they add new material at all. You can see how the value of your subscription increases rapidly!

If you are cruising through the memberís area of Tokyo Pickups (or any of the other sites), you get a pretty good idea of what the movie is about right there. If you check out the lovely Chiaka, who has a marvelous pussy and a lovely set of tits, youíll find two large and six thumbnails from her video. If you want to watch her sucking and fucking like the nympho she is, you have plenty of options.

You can stream the movie into your browser, and there are files optimized for fast (broadband/DSL) or slow (dialup) Internet connections. You can also download the video, either in five clips of four to five minutes each, or as one large .AVI file. At the bottom of the movie listing is a link to the DVD itís from, so if you like one, check out the rest of that title!

I couldnít really fault anything with this site except that perhaps for members that love pictures a few sets would have been nice. But really this site really focuses on movies and the quality is there for all members to enjoy.

Tokyo Pickups is only the beginning of the excellent collection of Asian porn you get with this subscription. The fifteen movies on the site, and the huge collection of complete DVDs, alone are more than worth the cost of a membership. The content is well organized and made available in a way to make it accessible by all members.

The total collection of porn with this subscription is astounding. Not only are the numbers impressive, but the quality is maintained at a higher level than any site Iím aware of. Once you sign up for a membership here youíll understand exactly why it gets my strongest recommendation.
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$1.00 - 3 Day Trial
Jettis, Paycom
$24.95 - 30 Day
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10+ Video Sets (approx. 20 min. each), 40+ Bonus Sites , Bonus Feeds, 1000's Bonus DVD's
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