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Ass Hookers
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Ass Hookers
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If you are in the market to try out an anal site that features extremely hot babes getting good and fucked hard then you should really consider checking out Ass Hookers. The tour for this site boasts of having the largest collection of anal, double penetration and ass to mouth on the net. While that may or may not be strictly accurate I can say that they do indeed have a lot!

I am one of those guys that enjoy seeing a good hardcore video featuring sexy babes doing what they do best. While I tend to shy away from anal sites because to be honest, starring at some chicks gaping wide anus with cum bubbling really doesn’t do much for me. Well, it can do a lot for me but none of it what I would categorize as positive.

This site has a lot of movies on it and when it comes to anal action and the different varieties I can feel pretty confident in saying you should find something here you will get off on. One of the videos I watched was actually very entertaining to me even if it didn’t start off as all that erotic. It starred a sexy black babe named Miricle all decked out in black latex.

What made this video stand out to me wasn’t just that this was a hot ebony goddess or the fact that she was all decked out in her shiniest latex outfit. What made this video stand out was the guy she was fucking. Now before you start thinking this reviewer has switched sides or something, it is what he said at the beginning of this video adventure that got the strongest reactions from me.

You see this guy apparently had far too close of a relationship with dear old dad and somehow knew that his beloved mother was a latex bondage slave. And this so turned him on that he was positively ecstatic about having his own right then. He even went so far as to lick her latex covered thigh and proclaim it was like his mother’s breast.

If that gave you a screaming case of the creeps like it did me, take heart, the pole smoking and anal fucking began shortly thereafter and the action is quite hot I might have preferred to see him blow his load on her ass but he gave her a facial instead. All and all it was a really good video and I did get a couple of chuckles out of the beginning.

Not all the videos are like that one, in fact I would ponder to guess that out of the 410 videos on the site at the time of this review that this is the only one that has that particular feel to it. Most of them are good old fashion rump rooting fun like my favorite of all the ones I watched titled Katrina Kraven.

This sexy brunette hottie has an incredible body and while this is an anal site and she says quite plainly that it is all about the ass, her tits made my mouth water. When I saw this babe’s boobs I got very interested in the rest of the video. She starts off sucking this guy’s cock and I was aching to get a little of that it looked so good. But when the backdoor action began this girl got serious.

She made several requests for the guy to smack her ass while he roughed it up with an enormous meat stick. Which he did and he smacked it hard too. He fucks her in the ass in just about every conceivable position until finally he blasts his load in her open and hungry mouth.

As an added chunk of love they also give you access to basically three porn networks with your membership. These networks are Movie Pass Network, Super Site Pass and Solo sites which has two sites dedicated to two very attractive teen models.

If you are wondering just what that means let me give you the numbers. For their exclusive sites they have a grand total of 1958 full length videos, 791 exclusive images sets for 40 exclusive sites. And the best part is that Ass Hookers has been getting updated every single day! In the last week to the whole network there has been 98 videos added.

Last but certainly not least is the 72 bonus video sites you get access to. These bonus sites represent the full gamut of porn niches from solo teens to transsexuals so there is something here to turn on everyone. I actually spent quite a bit of time enjoying a few of these bonus sites myself!

The full length video can only be streamed. A lot of people might actually like that but I pretty much prefer to download an entire video and watch it at my leisure, scrolling forward and back to see the parts I want to see. They seemed to have recently started doing it this way and I found it kind of disappointing.

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What is there here that’s not to be crazy about; nothing if you like seeing some very good, explicit anal sex action. There is an enormous amount of good porn here and it gets even better when you toss in all the great extras they pile on. I would recommend this package to anyone who is in the market for really good hardcore action.
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$1.00 - 3 Day Trial
$19.95 - 30 Day
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750+ Picture Sets
Wmv, Download & Stream
78+ Video Sets (approx. 20 min. each) , 400+ Bonus Video Sets, 18 Bonus Sites
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