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Cum Shots
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Spunk Mouth Spunk Mouth
My girlfriend and I are a perfect match – she’s a world class cocksucker, and I love to cum in her mouth! Better yet, she’d rather not swallow the root as foreplay – she’d rather finish up that...

Jizz Bomb Jizz Bomb
There is just something about watching a horny slut get a sticky load of cum blasted all over her that gets me excited. I guess it goes back to a really nasty married chick I knew a while back, who...

Big League Facials Big League Facials
Facials have always been a fascination to me because I have often wondered if all that hot cum is good for a girl’s complexion. And then I realised it must be because so many girls especially the...

Facial Cum Targets Facial Cum Targets
If you have not figured it out the nature of the site just by the title let me help you out. Facial Cum Targets is all about the facial. You have hot college cuties that get banged, lick and suck...

Only Swallows Only Swallows
I was sitting at the bar looking for someone, er, something to do one night when I noticed this decent looking chick sitting close, and I could tell she was checking me out. I bought her a drink,...
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Big Mouthfuls Big Mouthfuls
One thing that’s always bugged me about porn stars. I’ve hooked up with plenty of sluts hot enough to be one, and almost all of them knew it. The only problem I’ve had with that is the way that a...

I used to have a pretty high-pressure job in the corner office hell of the corporate world, but I had a secretary who knew just how to take the pressure off. When she could tell I was about to pop...

The Big Swallow The Big Swallow
Don’t you just love it when everything works out in a porn movie to everyone’s satisfaction? I know in today’s environment of extreme sex sites where you have guys yanking the head of some girl all...

Drool My Load Drool My Load
Well this site is a little different… and the uniqueness of it caught my eye. The idea from what I can see on the site is the girls suck, stroke and do what they can to the cock before them. And...

No Cum Dodging Allowed No Cum Dodging Allowed
If you’re a chick and you want to fuck then you have to take the consequences and for some babes that means getting a face full of hot cum at the end. Now some girls can’t handle that but then...

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